When faced with the semi-impossible task of finding a job after graduation, many college graduates are becoming nannies and enjoying it.

Nowadays, parents are turning more to college graduates to look after and tutor their children. They view a college graduate as a very valuable nanny and source for their children, especially during these academically competitive times. Many middle-class and upper-class families, especially in metropolitan areas, want their nannies to be able to teach them subjects, a new language, etc. These parents basically are looking out for their children's education.

"They’re looking into the total education of their child,” said the president of the non-profit International Nanny Association. According to her, the more degrees (bachelor's, master's, etc.) a college graduate has, the better.

For college graduates, a nanny position can provide them with a pretty substantial salary that is comparable to an entry-level finance career. A lot of nannies are paid under the table, but the statistics available show that the median salary is $16 per hour. In addition, the highest paid nanny can make up to $100,000 a year, depending on location, references and education!

The moral of the story: Don't fret if you can't find a job right after graduation. College graduates are finding unconventional careers that have almost nothing to do with their studies, such as being a nanny, and are thriving off of it.

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