Untitled Document You’ve been screaming about your "right to party," dancing with that funky "brass monkey" and watchin’ out for "sabotage" for a long time now. So long as you’re shakin’ your rump, the Beastie Boys wouldn’t have it any other way.

They don’t care if you know that they were the first white group to release a rap album (Licensed to Ill). Or if you know that Licensed became the first No.1 hip-hop album. They really just want you to keep dancing and singing along, and that’s easy to do with this know-it-by-heart collection.

This 15-song set includes all the cheeky numbers alluded to above along with "Hey Ladies," "Pass the Mic" and "No Sleep till Brooklyn," as well as a couple of newer numbers ("Ch-Check it Out," "Triple Trouble"). Twenty years of fun is represented here and it should easily hold up for 20 more.