Untitled Document Imagine Motley Crue, mixed with In Flames, mixed with Friday the 13th Part 6, and you pretty much have Children of Bodom. COB stand out from other melodic death brethren by injecting a serious rock ‘n’ roll sensibility into its classically-influenced metal, and manage to still sound evil ... in an ‘80s slasher movie sort of way.

From the Reaper on the cover, to lyrics like "I don’t need a reason, and I won’t tell you why / I’ll just take you to hell by the edge of my scythe," these guys work really hard to put the "death" in death metal, and the instrumentation reinforces that.

Not much different from previous efforts, admittedly, but tracks are catchy. Songs called "If You Want Peace ... Prepare for War" and "In Your Face" don’t seem like they would get stuck in your head for days, but that’s part of the charm. If Guns ‘N’ Roses circa 1987 had made a death metal album, it would probably sound like this.

Grade: A