If you think college food is anything like high school food - gross sandwiches, limp pizza slices and mysterious, gooey "special of the days" - you are mistaken. Many colleges across the country can serve up a mean dish, and the Daily Meal has come up with a list of 60 of those schools. Here's the impressive news for SoCal peeps: the University of California, Los Angeles grabbed the No. 5 spot.

UCLA received such a high ranking because its commitment to ensuring that students get the best food possible is evident, according to the Daily Meal. The publication states that UCLA has won numerous awards, has a "Here's to Health" initiative and is dedicated to a nutritional education. In addition, the chefs actually take the students' feedback and create dishes based on student preferences. The result: yummy meals such as seafood pizza, chicken and dumplings, chicken chile verde and more!

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