Before freshmen officially enter their first year of college, they go through an orientation process where they learn everything they need to know about their new school: from dining hall food options and university activities to campus safety and security. 

However, there's one topic that men's right activist Miles Groth believes these orientations "overkill": date rape.

Many anti-date rape seminars strive to teach female students to be careful when it comes to alcohol consumption, especially at parties where a predator might put a drug in their drinks in an attempt to take advantage of them. Some seminars also discuss the responsibility bystanders have when they see a date rape occur.

According to the Huffington Post, Groth believes that these college date-rape orientations and seminars set up men to feel "potentially dangerous, and potentially harmful, particularly to women on campus." Instead, he believes that it would be "wiser to talk about this in a broader way, let’s say for example, courtesy between boys and girls on campus, regardless of who’s behaving, males or females.”

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