Students may choose a university based on location, majors offered and financial aid. However, another factor is the amount of school spirit students have, particularly at sporting events such as football games.

At the University of Texas-Austin, students show tons of school spirit by attending football games and wearing the school colors, which has ultimately led the team to 50 championships in the history of the school, according to USA Today Educate.

It turns out all sorts of students are affected by the unity brought upon by attending football games. Other participants, such as cheerleaders, band members and school newspaper reporters join the thousands of students in the stands supporting their team and building a sense of unity and identity. These students are even able to put some of these experiences on their resumes or job applications.

Not all colleges offer this sort of unity and pride. Whether it is on the field or on the stage, it is important for students to go to a university that has a strong sense of unity and identity, which serves as a building block for winning and success both socially and academically.

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