Enrolling in online classes has become more and more prevalent as technology advances.

Nedad Tadic (not pictured) is a college student who enrolled in an online class in order to have more time for an internship. After only being in the class (which is not offered by her university) for one month, she said, “I’m loving it,” according to USA Today Educate.

Online courses are still the same as classes that meet in person because there are lectures, assigned readings, quizzes and tests, but everything is done on the computer instead of in person. These online courses allow students to have a more flexible schedule so they can have time for other activities.

Tadic said, “In our increasingly 'busy' lives, we want to pursue as many opportunities as we can without having their qualities devalued and online courses allow us to do that." She also said that she is satisfied with her experience taking an online class.

As technology advances, these classes may become more and more common.

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