In a surprising study, researchers discovered that a lack of sleep can actually cause “bouts of euphoria and heightened positive feelings” according to USA Today. 

On the flip side, the boost of dopamine “can also potentially lead to risky behavior due to a surge of overly optimistic emotions.” Additionally, a lack of sleep inhibits “cognitive performance, knowledge retention, and awareness.” 

If students decide to pull all-nighters, they should try to get at least a few hours rest so that their bodies can recharge. Pulling one all-nighter won’t kill you, but doing it multiple times can include anxiety disorders and weight gain amongst other things. Other side effects of all-nighters include lower GPAs, worse memories, and students can even be at risk for a stroke.

Students tend to be more productive when they get a good night’s rest, so the key issue may not only be getting enough sleep, but utilizing time management to make sure that sleep is possible to attain. 

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