Known for their beautiful voices, outstanding cast and bringing cheer to primetime television, "Glee" debuts a new CD, Glee Sings the Beatles. Featured songs include hits like “All You Need Is Love,” “Here Comes the Sun” and “Hey Jude.”

Listening to this CD would definitely make the Beatles proud. The "Glee" casts' covers of these songs offer an upbeat and positive vibe as they sing these classic hits. Even though the CD opens with a soft, somber song, “Yesterday,” the majority of the rest of the album features cheerful, catchy music meant to brighten your mood and make your car ride more enjoyable. This album places listeners back when the Beatles became superstars in the 1960s, but it brings a contemporary contribution heard with the singers' voices. There is even a feminine vibe as female stars also engage in singing these songs. These performers sing just as beautifully as the Beatles but in their own unique way since they sound more like Broadway stars than Paul, John, George or Ringo. 

If you’re a Beatles fan, there is nothing not to like about this CD. Even first-time listeners to Beatles’ songs will enjoy the content and musical talent showcased in this album. 

Grade: A