Can you relate to this scenario: Last Thursday night you down six shots of tequila, and come Friday morning you have the most wicked hangover ever known to man?

The next time you find yourself in a situation like this, we have two words for you: drink Sprite. Apparently, this lemon-lime flavored soda (and even just soda water) is successful at helping cure hangovers.

Chinese researchers found out that there are some beverages that are great at helping ease hangovers, while others are not. It turns out that alcohol itself is not what causes hangovers -- it's the way our bodies process it. According to researchers, our bodies attempt to break down the ethanol in alcohol. When that happens, we become exposed to a chemical called acetaldehyde, which helps prevent alcohol from entering our bloodstream. However, acetaldehyde is what causes those god awful hangover symptoms (nausea, headaches, etc.).

When testing herbal teas, researchers came across a surprise: some teas actually slow down the process, which actually prolongs hangovers! On the other hand, Sprite and soda water actually speed up the process, shortening hangover symptoms.

Now, this just leaves one very important question...what about 7 Up?

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