This year, viewers might have noticed a sex-themed trend going on in the film industry. Kill Your Darlings, Don Jon and Blue is the Warmest Color are a few movies that have strong sexual themes. We're not just referring to sex scenes; there are certain degrees of homosexuality, rape and necrophilia in some of these films. Some argue that Hollywood and the public have become desensitized to sex.

"Too many current movies for this fall are tinged, or rather stained, by too many studios releasing meaningless, empty stories that seem to be more porn-like than film-like. Making movies that glorify porn addicts, child molesters, necrophiliacs who kill in order to have sex later only contributes to the decay of the moral compass of society,” said filmmaker and media educator Nicole Clark, according to Fox News.

However, one human behavior expert said that "sexually complicit content is everywhere" and it makes sense that Hollywood might be going in this direction with its films.

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