The inevitable is upon us: Facebook users will no longer be able to hide their Timelines (aka profiles) from public view. Soon, anyone will be able to find a Facebook member on the social media site.

Facebook announced that it is getting rid of the privacy setting called "Who can look up your Timeline by name?," which allows users to prevent their names from popping up in search results. When other people typed members' names in the search bar, they wouldn't be found. However, all of that will change, and users can expect to see some reminders about it in the upcoming weeks.

So, why is this change coming now?

"Our concern, quite frankly, is that people think it provides a level of security, but it actually doesn't," said Nicky Jackson Colaco, a member of the Facebook Privacy team, in an interview with CNET.

Don't get too upset and confused, though. Although people will be able to find you if you're a member, what they will see on your Timeline is entirely up to you. Also, the Timelines will not be visible to people you have blocked.

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