PHOTOS: Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare - This Haunted House is No Joke
Expect scary monsters and thrills at Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare.
(Credit: kristinkirganphoto)

Unless you have been buried underneath a pile of bricks on a remote island somewhere, I’m pretty sure you know what time of year it is: Halloween time!

Now that our favorite spook-tacular day is almost here, we have to ask ourselves: how can we get the living sh*t scared out of us? We want haunted houses, corn mazes, scary plays, fright-fests, horror movies, campfire ghost stories and all the creepy things that make our skin crawl and cause our hearts to jump out of our chests as we scream bloody-murder at the top of our lungs. Those looking for all of these should look no further than Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare.

I was ecstatic to hear that the "King of Fright" (the man that made the term "zombie" cool long before America adopted the zombie trend), the “Scare Master,” has become the mastermind behind several haunted houses that have been resurrected to the public at the Pomona Fairplex in Pomona. If you know anything about Rob Zombie, you know you're not getting G-rated holes cut out of a sheet thrown over a man's head as he gleefully whispers “boo.” Rob Zombie, the man behind several cult horror films, including House of 1000 Corpses, is delivering his bizarre and frightening imagination to our doorstep.

Last Thursday night, a slew of VIP people got the chance to experience the horror of Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare on opening day. Surrounded by many famous faces, red-carpet entrances, rock stars, free beer and a lot of the color black, I indulged in every ounce of fear like a fat kid with an endless bag of Halloween treats. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but heck, it was Rob Zombie, so I knew it was going to be good!

With my game-face on, I entered into “Hell on Earth.” Without releasing too much information that could ruin your own personal expectations, I will say this: Be prepared to be extremely scared, very disturbed, visually intoxicated and have your senses put to the test. This haunted house is no joke! Go experience it for yourself and remember: “Enter At Your Own Risk.”

Rob Zombie’s Great American Nightmare will be haunting and generously handing out many sleepless nights filled with nightmares every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday until Nov. 2.  For More information on tickets visit