When moving away to college, we sometimes wish that we can take our favorite NFL teams with us. The city that houses our college might not broadcast our hometown team's games, which is a total bummer. However, a new digital video platform called DeskSite can solve this problem.

NFL fans can now enjoy a great football experience with DeskSite's new "Big Screen" app. These Big Screen apps -- called "DeskSites" -- are designed for laptops, tablets, games consoles and smart TV’s. Basically, any user can customize the app to pick their favorite NFL team to watch. It's like a DVR for the Internet, where football fans can instantly rewind, fast-forward and play back video in slow motion.

DeskSite is faster, more personalized, easier to use than websites. Unlike website videos, there will be no freezing, buffering or frame-dropping. This gives NFL fans a better experience on a digital level. The videos will cover everything from the game highlights to getting up-close with teams' cheerleaders! Fans will also be able to stay up-to-date with their favorite teams.

Different NFL participating teams will provide 25 to 40 hours of high-definition videos per month. The videos are exclusive to the users, and there are several teams that are taking part in this app: the Baltimore Ravens, New York Jets, New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders, New York Giants and many more as the football season continues.

This app will be the newest trend for all NFL fans. Fred Kirsch, Patriots publisher and vice president of content, said, “There’s no question this new technology has earned its place at the digital table and is here to stay.”

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