Although studying abroad is not necessarily a requirement for every college student (in fact, we've argued that some students shouldn't study in another country), it can certainly help students stand out amongst their peers when it comes to finding a job.

The number of students studying abroad is rising, but it's rising slowly. If students take advantage of their colleges' opportunities for studying abroad, it can really help them shine in future employers' eyes.

The Chicago Tribune lists reasons and examples on how studying abroad can help students stand out from the peers:

1. Employers value studying-abroad experiences, especially in this global economy. it shows that you can live and work internationally and manage cross-cultural situations.

2. Studying in regions such as Asia, Easter Europe and Africa is great because these places have big potential for economic growth.

3. When you talk to employers, you want to be able to articulate and explain what you gained from studying abroad. You can mention tangible skills, proficiency in a language, knowledge from specific classes you took, "soft skills" (such as confidence and adaptability) and problem-solving.

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