Advertisers are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for ad spots during our favorite shows such as "The Walking Dead," "The Big Bang Theory" and more. Because of their immense popularity and primetime spot (which is usually 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Sometimes on Sundays, primetime starts at 7 p.m.), ad spots can cost big bucks.

Variety magazine listed the priciest shows. Check them out below:

-"The Walking Dead": This AMC show is at the top of the list.

-"The Big Bang Theory": The average price for a 30-second commercial is $317,160.

-"Modern Family": The average price for a 30-second commercial during this show has actually decreased; it was $330,908 last season and now it's $249,025.

-"American Idol": Ratings have declined and so have the advertising rates.

-"The Crazy Ones": This is a new CBS show that stars Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

-"Sunday Night Football": The average cost for a 30-second spot is $628,000.

-"The Voice": This show beats "American Idol" in terms of ad price.

-"New Girl": A 30-second ad costs $224,366 on average.

-"The Blacklist": It's one of the most expensive new TV shows.

-"Scandal": It costs an average of $186,202 for a 30-second spot.

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