The economy and recession are hurting college graduates as they apply for jobs.

According to CNN, “Recessions are particularly hard on the young, with last-in, first-out policies at many organizations and a preference at firms to freeze hiring before they start laying off employees, which hurts recent grads.”

Many college graduates aren’t getting as many jobs nowadays because many are choosing to stay in school. In doing so, they are earning higher degrees to compete in the job market. Bill Rodgers, a professor and chief economist at Rutgers University's Heldrich Center for Workforce Development, told CNN, “We used to say that a high school degree wasn't sufficient to provide a middle class income. Now we're saying no longer is a bachelor's degree."

In addition, college expenses slow students down, forcing them to take fewer classes in order to pay for college at their own pace. Also, some people who begin to raise a family postpone their career to cut down on childcare costs and spend more time with their kids.

And lastly, the baby boomer generation is living longer and not retiring from their jobs as early, which takes away job opportunities for students fresh out of college awaiting to enter the workforce.

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