VIDEO: 'Haunting Melissa' App Provides Bloody Scares Wherever You Go
(Credit: Courtesy of Haunting Melissa)

The mastermind behind The Ring series and Mulholland Drive presents a new frightful story in a different way: an app called "Haunting Melissa." It’s like a Blair Witch Project experience but on your hands instead.

Neal Edelstein, working with Andrew Klavan, created this horror narrative that users can experience on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Neither a movie or TV show, “Haunting Melissa” is a series of episodes about a girl (named Melissa) who fears her dead mother is haunting her. Users can follow Melissa throughout her haunting.

What is unique about this app is you don’t know when or what is happening next; the episodes are delivered to your device on a schedule dictated by the app itself, not necessarily by your viewing preferences. The story is broken up into several different parts, and the user has to wait until the app indicates when the next part is ready. The timing is random and unexpected. You could have five minutes for one day, then 20 minutes the next.

"Haunting Melissa" aims to play with your mind; it will keep you on edge. For a top-notch, creepy experience, we suggest you wear headphones and watch the episodes alone in a dimly lit room.

When you finish the story, there is a possibility that Edelstein will add new material. Just be prepared to get spooked out.

The "Haunting Melissa" app is available at the Apple App Store to download for free, so watch if you dare.