We've seen the funny blog posts on countless websites about some of the worst, sluttiest, best, etc. Halloween costumes out there. In this post, we're looking at the figures of what consumers are searching for when they browse for Halloween costumes online. The results are puzzling, maybe even slightly disturbing (sexy costumes for kids? C'mon, really?).

Below are some Halloween costume facts and figures from Tada.com (a division of Shopzilla, Inc.), which gathered trending Halloween search terms from its sister site, Bizrate.com, along with data from a survey of 7,315 online shoppers: 

-Most popular costume searches for babies: zombie, penguin, parrot, Alice in Wonderland and Charlie Brown.

-Most popular costume searches for kids: minion, peacock, lone ranger, Minecraft Creeper and Assassins Creed.

-Most popular costume searches for adults: camel, Elvira, Hocus Pocus, sexy minion, Bonnie and Clyde.

-Head-scratching searches: "Sexy Halloween Costumes for Kids," "Sexy Fisherman," "Naughty Grandma Costume," "Sexy Buzz Light Year Costumes for Girls," and "Sexy Halloween Costumes for 5 Month Pregnant Woman."

-Seniors HATE Halloween. 88% don't show up, 61% don't decorate and 33% turn off porch lights.

For more weird Halloween costume searches facts and figures, check out this infographic.