Can't decide on a Halloween costume? If you're a female college student that wants to dress up to match her college mascot (because that's what all the cool people would do, duuuuh), we have some ideas for you!

We browsed the Internet for fun, searching for costumes that match our favorite Pac-12 schools: UCLA, USC, University of Oregon, UC Berkeley, University of Washington, University of Arizona and Washington State University. Sorry, Stanford, Colorado, Utah and Arizona State - we just couldn't find a sexy tree, buffalo, hawk or sun devil.

1. Bruin (UCLA):

2. Trojan (USC):

3. Duck (University of Oregon):

4. Bear (CAL):

5. Husky (University of Washington):

6. Wildcat (University of Arizona):

7. Beaver (Oregon State University):

8. Cougar (Washington State University):