I don't get easily spooked when watching a horror film, but I do get chills when I hear real stories that happened in said-haunted places. Los Angeles is a city with so much history, some of which is just creepy.
Grauman’s Chinese Theatre is a beautiful building with popular footprints and handprints imprinted in the cement in front. However, it is also believed to be haunted. Supposedly, the ghost of actor Victor Kilian haunts the legendary theatre. Kilian was murdered in 1979 in his apartment one block away from Grauman's. The murderer was never found, and Killian's ghost has been seen in a trenchcoat, walking up and down in front of the theatre, searching for his murderer. Creepy.
The biggest celebrities have stayed at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, including Marilyn Monroe. Apparently, she is one of the ghosts haunting the building. Even though she died in her Brentwood home, her ghost was seen in the mirror in suite 1200 at the Hollywood Roosevelt. The mirror was relocated to the lobby near the elevator, but now it is no longer there. But sometimes, guests see her dancing around in the ballroom.
I’m a big fan of '40s/'50s era, when women wore beautiful dresses and men in suits. This glamorous era was also the time of the mafia. That’s the first thing came to mind when I saw The Comedy Store. This comedy club used to be called Ciro’s, a nightclub that was the hub for underground mob business ran by gangster Mickey Cohen. There are typical ghosts haunting historical hot spot, such as the one that would play the piano for fun or rearrange the chairs.  The security man, Clark, had several paranormal experiences there. For example, he would hear a growling, and when he would check out where it was coming from, he would see a 7-foot-tall black apparition leaning over him. Never mess with gangsters.
Ghosts don’t always wonder in buildings. Bridges are a good place for them too, especially Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena. Nicknamed the "Suicide Bridge," there are true stories about people jumping to their deaths from the bridge. One of the stories is about a mother who threw her baby off the bridge before jumping herself. The baby was caught in the branches and survived, but the mother did not. It is said the mother’s ghost still wanders looking for her baby.