While you shop ‘til you drop and stockholders anticipate their profits, there are talented people all over the world hunting for their next customer – and that customer should be you! We found four of the best fair trade, non-profit and charity-driven organizations that market fine goods everyone loves to buy during the holidays. Everything from wrapping paper to jewelry can be purchased online from companies dedicated to giving mom-and-pop shops equal access to a retail market becoming dominated by big corporations.


One of the biggest fair trade stores online, Global Exchange provides equal business opportunities for merchants selling common goods including coffee, chocolate, tea, movies and books. Just like the big name department stores, they offer items for everyone from handcarved chess sets for men to trendy backpacks for college students. Even President Bush playing cards are available and recycled gift-wrapping is always an option.

Hottest Picks:

Beaded Bracelets from Nepal

Price: $18

These bestsellers are made of glass beads handcrafted by the skilled-but-poor women of Nepal. Colors include lavender or light amber, and a matching necklace is also available.

Sweatshop-Free Sneakers

Price: $42

With the look of Converse low-tops minus the logo on the heel, these sneakers were created in Indonesia by some of the only shoe factory workers supported by a labor union.

Jamtown Musical Instrument Packs

Price: $49 (Junior Kit), $95 (Family Kit)

Musical packs include an assortment of handcrafted instruments such as drums from Peru or Indonesia, bells from Ghana and simple rhythm cards.

To Make A Purchase:

Visit the "Fair Trade Store" link at www.globalexchange.org.


As a dedicated member of the Fair Trade Federation, World of Good represents low-income designers creating high-class merchandise. WOG is committed to searching the globe for overlooked items that speak for themselves – and now businesses like Whole Foods Market are starting to join the revolution by offering WOG shelves stocked with fair trade goods. Christmas ornaments designed in South Africa, beaded bangles from India and silk carry-alls made in Kathmandu are becoming popular picks among consumers supporting impoverished communities.

Hottest Picks:

A Kiss From Kenya

Price: $12.95

Decorated with art in earth tones, this dish is made of soapstone mined from the Tabaka Hills of Kenya. Also available is the "Zoo in a Dish" series featuring animals famous from safaris like elephants, zebras and giraffes.

Yoga Mat Bags

Price: $24.95-$39.95

Give the gift of style and the profits will go the extra mile. Mat covers made of silk or emblazoned with dragons were sewn and designed by people from remote villages throughout the Himalayan Mountains.

Absolutely Alpaca

Price: $34.95

Know anybody that may need a scarf to match their new winter coat? Before running to the local mall, check out these 100% alpaca wool scarves created by a family in Bolivia that will also appreciate your business during the holidays.

To Make A Purchase:

Visit the "Shop" link at www.worldofgood.com.


Featured in In Style magazine for embracing socially conscious shopping, Global Girlfriend sells everything a girl could want – and each item was created by non-profit and fair trade organizations operated by women. Bath and Body Works isn’t the only place you can find shower gel and cucumber melon soap. Target isn’t the only store selling decorative ornaments, either. Take a look at their huge selection and you will find jewelry, t-shirts, and even wine-holder gift bags made by talented people who need your support.

Hottest Picks:

Cookie Mix and Tea Towel

Price: $15.50

Fresh-baked cookies and hot tea are always welcome, especially during the holidays. But try bypassing your neighborhood grocery stores for once and test-out the peanut butter mix prepared by women struggling towards self-sufficiency in Denver and tea towels embroidered by women in Zimbabwe.

Silk and Velvet Handbags

Price: Starting at $16.50

Global Girlfriend sales handbags in every color and style you can imagine. Hot pink, icy blue or glittery gold; antiques, clutches, knitted totes or cocktail bags – and each purse was intricately designed by fair trade organizations supporting talented women from all over the world.

Garnet & Amethyst Earrings

Price: $24

Ladies love jewelry, so why not buy this year’s gift from a group of impoverished women who managed to become specially trained in jewelry-making thanks to everyone that acknowledges the high-quality of fair trade merchandise.

To Make A Purchase:

Visit the "Shop Online!" link at www.globalgirlfriend.com.


So, you still have someone buzzing in your ear about the newest iPod or a full DVD collection of "Sex and the City"? Well, guess what? Charity Share hooked up with all the major retailers looking to spread a little holiday cheer to those in need. When you purchase items from this Web site, a portion of your purchase goes straight to the charity of your choice. Stay home, shop online and put a little money in the hands of the less fortunate while you’re at it. Stores include: Apple, Dell, Tower Records, Sam Goody, Barnes and Noble, Wal Mart, Target, Best Buy, Fossil, Gap, Old Navy, Adidas and many more!

Hottest Picks:


Price: Starting at $49.99

With mail-in-rebates available through stores like Best Buy and Circuit City, TiVo is the digital video recorder that will make sure no one has to channel surf again. It knows when showtimes change before you do and is the perfect gift for all the TV lovers in your life.

Sirius Satellite Radio

Price: $329.99

For music lovers, give someone access to tunes and news that only Sirius’ is willing to air. Not only does this portable device broadcast Elvis Radio, Big 80’s and Howard Stern’s talk show, it also streams special news reports from CNN, CNBC and NPR, including sports updates straight from the NBA, NFL, NHL and ESPN.

To Make A Purchase:

Create a free account and click on the "Non-Profits" link at www.charityshare.net.