This complete remake of Beck’s Guero album features remixes from aces like Boards of Canada, Subtle and Th’ Corn Gangg. Some material has been re-written, like Octet’s take on "Girl," which does away with Beck’s sweet Beach Boys-like harmony in favor of a more militant vocal delivery punctuated by hard beats.

Likewise, Air kick up the b.p.m.’s a little and drop the oriental sway heard on the original version of "Missing," which gets re-titled "Heaven Hammer." Beck turns "Black Tambourine," heard as a Bo Diddley-style rocker on Guero, over to Ad-Rock, who changes the tune into a beat, bleep and echo-fest called "Shake Shake Tambourine."

A few songs are nearly unrecognizable from their original state, but all are about as cool as you can get. Certainly Beck doesn’t get all the credit for Guerolito, but the effort is his most interesting in quite some time.

Grade: A