The Latin lovers of Los Angeles that smoked out the ‘90s are back with their greatest bong hits of all time. Stoner classics like "Dr. Greenthumb" are mixed in with 11 other Cypress Hill favorites, including a new bonus track featuring the king of Reggaeton, Tego Calderón.

Some of the Hill’s best head bangers give listener’s a glimpse of the group’s smoke-filled journey through the days when its members considered themselves nothing more than "Latin Thugs," to the day the world recognized each one of them as a "(Rock) Superstar." You still may not be able to understand how someone "Could Just Kill a Man," but songs like "Insane in the Brain" and "Hand on the Pump" can be your first step towards enlightenment.

And if you don’t understand some of the "funky bilingual" lyrics thrown into tracks like "Latin Lingo," don’t worry. "Mota" may be the only word you need to know to get into that Cypress Hill groove that’s bound to make your speakers move.

Grade: B