It’s Friday night, and your friends want a girls’ night out. Someone suggests a nightclub. The word “nightclub” may excite the single women in your group, but it gives anxiety to the ones in relationships.

First of all, let’s make it clear that it’s perfectly fine for taken women to go to a club. With that being said, they should respect their relationship with their boyfriend when they go out. Here are some tips on how they can do so.

What to Wear
What you wear to a club determines how many men will hit on you. For example, a little black dress with a plunging neckline and 4-inch stilettos can definitely get you unwanted attention. The less a woman wears to a club, the more attention she might receive. Sending the right message to the guys at the club gives taken women an opportunity to enjoy time with their friends instead of being bothered by unwanted company. Of course, yes - you can wear a dress to a nightclub! Just make sure it’s not too revealing. Opt for a dress that’s not too short, shows too much cleavage or has too many cutouts.

Accepting Drinks from Other Men
This is a big no-no. One thing I always tell my female friends in relationships is to never accept drinks from men at clubs. Even though some women accept drinks without thinking of it as an obligation to hang out with the man who bought the drink, he interprets the acceptance of the drink as an interest in him. For a single woman, this is great, especially if she is interested in him. For a woman in a relationship, this means trouble. Not only does she send him the wrong message, but he is also spending his money on someone who doesn’t share the same interest as him. This makes it awkward, especially when you have to say, “Oh, by the way, I have a boyfriend.” It’s better to tell the man before he buys you a drink. Actually, it’s better to casually tell him you have a boyfriend as soon as possible so that he knows you are off the market.

Dancing Etiquette
Dancing at a club is not always as fun for the women in relationships as it is for the single ladies. For example, if a man comes up to a single woman and asks her to dance, she will most likely say “yes.” On the contrary, if a man asks a taken woman to dance, she has to think about what she and her boyfriend had agreed upon as far as boundaries go. If you and your boyfriend don’t mind if you both dance with other people, then great! You can dance the night away with this adorable stranger.

However, if you agreed that you would not dance with other people, then you must respect those boundaries and say “no” to the guy who asked you to dance. You could say, “Thanks, I’m really flattered, but I’m going to just dance with my girlfriends for awhile.” The only problem you might experience is that some men don’t like to hear the word “no”; some will still try to dance with you regardless of your relationship status. Just be prepared to stick to your guns.

Making Conversation
Talking to men at clubs is a less serious topic than dancing. People go to clubs not only to dance but to also meet new people, so don’t feel guilty about talking to anyone—male or female—at the club.

However, one of the first questions that come into a man’s head when he sees an attractive woman at the club is, “Is this girl single or taken?” When the guy finds out your relationship status is taken, he may become less interested in you, which is good since you can just have a casual conversation. Other times, he might like the challenge and pursue you regardless of your relationship status. As long as you find a guy who respects the fact that you have a boyfriend, you can talk to him comfortably.

As a woman in a relationship, I recommend that you never share your social media information or phone number with a man who is interested in you! Giving him your contact information provides him with an easy way to see what your life is like outside the club. He might even send you a message, which could cause drama between you and your boyfriend.

Alternative Nightclubs
A possible solution for taken women to have fun going out dancing with "the girls" is going to a gay club. Even though some straight men attend those, most male attendees are gay, so they will be searching for guys to flirt with instead of girls.

The Bottom Line
Women who are in relationships should not miss out on their female friend time, which can include movie nights or barhopping. If a boyfriend doesn’t want to go out with you and your friends, that is his decision, and it should not inhibit you from going out with your friends. As long you are comfortable and confident enough to dress appropriately, say "no" to drinks from men, dance with your female friends and refrain from giving men your contact information, your should feel completely okay going out to a nightclub.

If you can’t follow these simple guidelines, then maybe you should reexamine your relationship status.