Everybody’s inner superhero needs a soundtrack because the opportunity for good deeds abounds, and no rescue scene is complete without the appropriate music. When The Go! Team sat down to compose its latest offering, Thunder, Lightning, Strike, the band did so with the intention of providing music for every possible comic book moment in life.

The British team, fronted by the aptly monikered Ninja, produces a style so sample-heavy that it ran into legal trouble over some of the songs and had to make legally appeasing adjustments before it could get a U.S. release. But if not for the old-school hip hop moments, the transportation would be back to the early soul/funk golden era where afros, bellbottoms and Rocky were the stuff dorm room posters were made of.

The Team play instruments, often with inspiring results. The quiet calculated start of "Junior Kickstart" quickly bursts into blaring brass melodies, a touch of harmonica and a straight ahead groove that digs a trench of head-nodding approval that set the stage for our superhero’s emergence.

On "Get It Together," a schoolyard jump rope melody on recorder is the background for a game of recess kickball. And on the album closer, "Everyone’s a VIP to Someone," an Ozark banjo picks calls to a soulful harmonica response, while pensive trumpets and soft brush beats fill the gaps until a determined crescendo ending.

It’s not exactly sing-along material, but the Go! Team have picked some classic pockets and ended up with the perfect score to decorate your house retro or change your clothes in a phone booth to.

Grade: B+