MUSIC VIDEO - Rihanna Releases 'What Now' Music Video
Rihanna does it simple in her video for 'What Now.'
(Credit: Screenshot)

Taking a 180-degree turn from her previous music video for "Pour it Up," Rihanna has dropped a more trippy yet ghostly entrancing video for "What Now."

In the music video, RiRi has substituted twerking for weird convulsion-like movements involving her spine, arms and head. It's almost as if she's experiencing an exorcism - but in a good way.

There are no stripper poles or women in thongs and bras to distract you away from the song's beauty. The singer herself wears only beautiful slinky, simple black and taupe maxi dresses as she sings to the camera in empty rooms.

"What Now" is a stark contrast from her latest video. Yes, perhaps it's not as titillating as "Pour it Up," but it still has me hooked.

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