It seems that Los Angeles women prefer to have their men cleanly shaven...on the head, that is.

An online dating app called (which stands for Are You Interested) analyzed more than 3 million interactions from its current user base to see which hair colors singles prefer in certain areas in the U.S., according to a released statement.

The results were a little surprising.

For example,  L.A. women prefer bald men; bald men are twice as likely to get "liked" by a woman than a man with brown or black hair. The hair color preferred most by women in the entire state of California is silver grey (actually no, this makes perfect sense - who doesn't love George Clooney or Richard Gere?).

And don't assume that California men are all about the stereotypical California blonde bombshells; the results revealed that men from the Golden State actually prefer black hair on women.

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