The year 1973 ended the five-season television series, “The Mod Squad,” but that doesn’t mean this series isn’t accessible to audiences. “The Mod Squad” has returned as a complete collection of DVDs on sale now, and this 39-disc set includes more than 107 hours of episodes.

Filled with criminal activity, evidence and missing information, this series is sure to keep you wanting more.
Meet Pete (Michael Cole), the leader of the pack, who is passionate about what he does and takes responsibility for his actions. Linc (Clarence Williams III) is the other man on this team. Looking sleek in his sunglasses, he gets to the bottom of criminal cases and cares about the betterment of his community.

Next is Julie (Peggy Lipton), the pretty heroine who is good at getting information out of people, filling in any missing. Captain Adam Greer (Tige Andrews) is in charge of this trio. This easygoing leader lets these undercover cops do what they believe is best to solve the cases.

Each episode begins with a new crime and ends with a resolution, so there are no cliffhangers at the end of these episodes, just anticipation for the next one. Who was in the car that almost hit Pete and killed Mary Clarkson, an older woman walking down the street? Or what will happen to Vinnie, the deaf mute who is proclaimed to be a hero, but gets caught up with the wrong crowd? See if you can guess who the criminal is as you watch the Mod Squad interview suspects and chase down criminals in the pursuit of justice and peace.

"The Mod Squad: The Complete Collection" is currently available for purchase,