Washed-up football never-was Brandon Lang (Matthew McConaughey) has answered a second calling as a sports betting savant, and uber-bookie Walter Abrams (Al Pacino) wants to take him places. Can you guess how this is going to end? And if not, have you never seen a movie before?

Two for the Money is predictable to a fault – gambling movies and Cinderella endings aren’t particularly compatible – and Pacino doesn’t help matters by playing basically the same character he’s played in who knows how many other movies. It works strictly as a disposable popcorn film: The characters are vapid and cartoonish, the story telegraphed, the budget apparently very low (the football scenes at the beginning look like they were shot by a high school A/V club).

If you can’t enjoy it on some kind of ironic level, you probably won’t enjoy it at all.

Extras: Director commentary, deleted scenes, making-of-feature, interview with the sports bettor Brandon Link.