Music videos are approximately three to five minutes long, but Pharrell Williams has done the unthinkable: he has created a 24-hour music video for his song "Happy," which debuted Friday, Nov. 22.

When you click on 24hoursofhappy, you will be taken to the point in the "Happy" video that the time on your computer reflects. Williams performs at the top of every hour for the duration of the song, and he appears 24 times in the video. After his performance, 14 unique cameos play in four-minute intervals. You can watch the video in real time or skip to a different time of the day. You can even share your favorite moments on Twitter or Facebook.

"Happy" is featured in Despicable Me 2 in a very pivotal moment when Gru falls in love and feels so much joy. Williams wanted to recreate that feeling in the "Happy" video.

"That kind of happiness is so infectious; you can’t help but smile," said Williams in a released statement.