Finally, Sky Ferreira’s debut album, Night Time, My Time is here, featuring the drenched, bare breasted singer in a dark shower, glassy eyed and exposed. It’s an uncomfortable introduction, like an awkward date, except this one leads to a surprising, pleasurable ending.

“Boys, they’re a dime a dozen,” moans Ferreira in “Boys,” a playful track that’s reminiscent of an intergalactic cheerleading anthem. It features a powerful electric volt with sultry vocals made fit for a rock star strutting on stage in second skin leather. It’s bursting with playground rhymes, along with a bouncing pulse to appropriately kick off a Friday night.

“Nobody Asked Me (If I Was Okay),” on the other hand, has a too-cool-for-school vacancy, a thick pop fizz that may make one sway, but fails to capture with memorable beats. It’s as if Ferreira was muttering for her next cocktail before quickly escaping her own bash.

Fortunately “I Blame Myself,” a blast from the ‘80s loaded with sexual Prince-esque energy, makes up for it, especially when Ferreira truly exercises her pipes with lush, soaring vocals united with a hint of sadness. You’re not sure whether to rescue the damsel in distress or dance with her. Either way, you can’t make a wrong decision.

While some songs, such as “You’re Not the One” and “24 Hours” are like odes to England’s Tears for Fears, they’re far too much like ‘80s fashion: memorable yes, but not worth returning to.

Meanwhile, “I Will,” with its slick competition, has wildly intoxicating hooks designed to make you sweat like a night owl ready to spread its wings at 2 a.m. on the floor. Ferreira’s promise to “keep you guessing” leaves you yearning for more.

Truthfully, Night Time, My Time has many noticeable flaws. It holds too much resemblance to ‘80s anthems without the power to keep audiences captivated. However, it does successfully reveal how Ferreira is determined to carve her own identity as a musician without being another blonde carbon copy. Here’s to hoping we won’t have to wait as long for a second date.