The showdown between Los Angeles’ two rival schools is happening Saturday, Nov. 30 when the USC and UCLA football teams meet on the Coliseum field. The real prize: the right to claim "We run L.A.!"

Naturally, the tension between Trojan and Bruin fans is heating up, and we’re here to fan the fire. recently posted a funny, biased article titled, “9 Reasons USC Fans are the Worst.” Touché, touché!

In response to this article and in all fairness, we’ve come up with “8 Reasons UCLA Fans are the Worst.” To be honest, we didn’t need 10 or 9 or even 5 reasons to convince you why the Bruins are so annoying, but nonetheless, here are our reasons.

Things to keep in mind while reading: yes, this article is biased. Yes, a former Trojan wrote it. And yes, it should not be taken too seriously. It’s just for fun, guys. Relax.

With that being said, enjoy!

1. This video. Hmmm, it’s a little douchebaggy, no?

2. “The Trojans-Haters Club” actually exists. Wow.

3. They care more about USC's money than USC fans do. Trojans tend to flash the victory, V-shaped deuces during games, annoying the hell out of UCLA fans. However, you’ll catch these Bruins mimicking the hand signal by placing dollars bills between their index and middle fingers, as if to say USC is just a rich school for spoiled children. They also like writing “USC” as “U$C.” I'm sorry, it looks like somebody’s a little jealous and bitter…

4. They’re irrationally aggressive. In the past, they’ve had a Beat ‘SC car smash where they smashed a cardinal and gold car that had “Trojans” and “USC” painted on it…it made no sense. USC’s mascot is Traveler (a horse), and its unofficial mascot is Tommy the Trojan – not a beat up, ugly old car. I mean, at least have the car be a Mercedes-Benz or something (lol! Jk, jk, people).

5. They do unsportsmanlike crap like this.

6. LMAO! This guy. Ugh, sit down.

7. They try to control what you wear! Bruins don’t like it when people wear red around Westwood. In fact, they want you to donate a piece of red clothing in exchange for an ugly Beat ‘SC T-Shirt. Um, what ever happened to freedom of expression? It's just a color.

8. And lastly, they take the “rivalry” to the extreme (see #s 2, 4 and 5). It seems like we are ALWAYS on their minds. When I was at ‘SC, we only talked about UCLA once a year: during the rivalry football game. ‘SC students have lives – classes, parties, internships, whatever. Seriously, #aintnobodygottime for that crosstown rivalry nonsense 24/7.

Do you agree with this Campus Circle writer? Leave your comments below, and add your reasons why UCLA (or USC) fans are the worst!