MUSIC VIDEO: Betty White Gets Down in Brit Smith's 'Provocative' ft.
Brit Smith and Betty White getting provocative in the Smith's new video.

Emerging artist Brit Smith debuted her music video for "Provocative," featuring, Wednesday. Also making an appearance is none other than Betty White.

The hilarious 91-year-old actress plays Smith's neighbor in the video. As Smith and her dancers bump the music louder and louder, moving their hips and shaking their butts in her apartment, White gets fed up with the noise and decides to intrude on the dance party.

"Turn that music off!" yells White. After an awkward pause, she says, "Alright, b*tches. Wanna know how to move provocative? Check this out," and she shows the ladies how it's done on the dance floor!

Smith's "Provocative" debut single was produced by hit maker Timbaland.