The holiday season is finally here. Decorate the Christmas tree, hang up the stockings and wrap presents. Oh, and don’t forget to pull out those ugly Christmas sweaters and vests! With their extravagance and creativity, these clothing items have received much popularity, even becoming the focus of numerous Christmas parties.

Even though ugly Christmas sweaters have a reputation for being tacky and hideous, some sweaters with unique prints can make you stand out at a party. They look good when paired with black skinny jeans and flats. Pairing the sweater with a skirt, tights and heels adds a little more flavor and boldness to an outfit.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are also transformed into cute outfits when paired with a black dress and or boyfriend jeans, according to Seventeen. Use this holiday season as an opportunity to flatter yourself in something you thought was impossible to look good in.  

Also, remember these Christmas sweaters don’t have to be ugly. Instead, some can be cute and super creative. For example, one woman posted a photo of herself in her homemade Christmas sweater that made her look like a Christmas tree when she put her arms in the air.

When it comes to finding an ugly Christmas sweater or vest, places like WalMart and your nearby Goodwill might have a few on hand. You can also try websites such as My Ugly Christmas Sweater, Ultimate Ugly Christmas and Tipsy Elves.

It's also a lot of fun to make your own ugly Christmas sweater or vest! You can go to a craft store and buy glitter, ribbons, buttons and fabric. Go all out and glue candy canes, ornaments or even an artificial tree branch to a plain sweater or vest - decorate it any way you want!

Whether your ugly Christmas sweater is store-bought or handmade, embrace the holiday season and don't be afraid to rock one at the next holiday party.