In addition to USC's ninth NCAA title in program history, the Trojans have won their sixth consecutive national championship in men’s water polo, becoming the first collegiate water polo team to do so.

USC finished the 2013 season with a 28-4 overall record.

The last game against No. 2 seeded Pacific Tigers ended in a 12-11 win for USC. In the fourth period, Pacific was ahead of USC by two goals, but it did not dampen USC’s determination. In overtime, Nikola Vavic saw his chance to win the match, and he did so with his fourth goal of the day.

Head Coach Jovan Vavic now has 13th national championships under his name (nine titles for men's water polo, four titles for USC women's water polo), making him the most winningest coach in USC, beating track and field coach Dean Cromwell’s 12 national championships.

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