Many might assume that if a young person is homeless, college is definitely out of the picture, but that's not always the case.

CNN Money reports approximately 58,158 college students are homeless. At least, that's how many students indicated that they were homeless on federal financial aid forms for the 2012-13 academic year. This number, however, might actually be larger in real life.

It's standard knowledge college and universities provide housing for all student throughout the academic year, but what about school breaks such as Thanksgiving and Christmas? The fact is many schools shut down completely during breaks, forcing students to vacate their dorm rooms and campus housing unless they pay a sometimes hefty fee. This leaves homeless students without a place to go.

Through interviews with colleges and homeless students, CNN found that homeless students are sometimes left with very few choices on places to stay during the holidays: some sleep on friends' couches, at shelters or even outside.

However, CNN reports that some colleges are examining their policies on housing arrangements for homeless students. Some are even considering helping students pay the extra fee (or waiving it entirely) to stay on campus during breaks, putting the students in hotel rooms or connecting them with a shelter.

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