These cute holiday treats taste just as good as they look!

Christmas Tree Brownie Bites
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You’ll need: mini brownies, strawberries, green frosting, mini M&M’s, a unique candy of your choice to put on top of the tree, a leaf-shaped frosting squeezer tip, a Ziploc bag and toothpicks.

Start by baking the brownies and cutting them into little squares that will support the weight of the strawberry. Store-bought mini brownies will work just as well. Next, cut the leaves off of the strawberries. Also, cut a tiny hole in one of the corners of the Ziploc bag, place the frosting tip in the corner of the bag, and scoop the frosting into the bag.

Make sure the frosting doesn’t leak out of any holes, and begin squeezing a little bit of frosting on the top of the brownie. This will help keep the strawberry on the brownie. Then, place the strawberry upside down on the brownie so that the point is sticking up. Stick a toothpick through the strawberry and brownie so that the strawberry stays steady. Starting from the base of the strawberry, squeeze frosting into leaf shapes in circles around the strawberry until you get to the top. Then, place mini M&M’s on the tree and your special candy on top. Voila! You have yourself a mini Christmas tree.

Reindeer Cupcakes
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You will need cupcake mix, brown frosting, paper holders, Nila wafers, black icing and white, red and brown candies, such as M&Ms or Reese’s bites.

To begin, bake any flavored cupcakes you would like. Chocolate may look the best since it is the color of a reindeer. Next, spread the brown frosting on top of the cupcake. This will serve as the base of the reindeer’s face. Then, place a Nila wafer towards the bottom of one side of the cupcake and two pretzels above it. These represent the reindeer’s snout and antlers. After that, take the two white M&Ms and place them close to each other in the space between the snout and antlers. Dot the M&Ms with black icing to complete the eyes. Finally, put some icing on the bottom of the red or brown candy, and place it on the snout as a nose.

Santa Hat Brownies
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Strawberries seem to be all the rage for Christmas treats!

To make these, you’ll need: mini brownies, strawberries and toothpicks. You will also need either whip cream (preferably in the squirt out bottle) or white frosting in Ziploc bags with a frosting tip of your choice. Then, you’re ready to begin.

Bake or buy the mini brownies. Next, cut the leaves off of the strawberries and squirt whip cream or frosting onto the base of the brownie. Then, place the strawberry upside down on top of the brownie. Be sure to stick a toothpick inside the strawberry and brownie so they don’t fall over. Then, take the whip cream and squirt it around the base of the strawberry. Also put a dab of whip cream on the tip of the strawberry. If you’re using frosting, cut a hole in a corner of a Ziploc bag, place the tip inside the hole, and scoop the frosting into the bag. Then, squirt the frosting onto the base of the strawberry, and put a dab on top. It’s as easy as that. You’re sure to hear some “oohs!” an “ahhs!” when guests gaze at this simple masterpiece.

Snowman on a Stick
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Ingredients include: mini-white powdered donuts (not donut holes), orange and green Mike and Ike candies, red fruit roll ups, black food coloring and long sticks.

Making them is simple! First, stick three of the donuts on the stick. Do not poke through the hole of the donut, but instead, poke through the sides of the donuts. These three donuts are the three parts of the snowman’s body. Then, stick an orange Mike and Ike in the top donut, or the snowman’s head, and green Mike and Ikes in the remaining holes. The orange one is his nose, and the green ones are his buttons.

Next, tear some of the fruit roll up off, and tie it around the snowman’s neck, or under the orange Mike and Ike. This represents the snowman’s scarf. Finally, dip a toothpick into some food coloring to make the eyes and mouth. Put two dots for eyes and four dots for the mouth.

Melted Snowman Cookies
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Are you still in the mood to make snowman treats? If so, take time out of your busy schedule to make Melted Snowman Cookies. You’ll need: cookies of your choice, marshmallows and frosting. There must be white frosting, but additional recommended colors are black, orange, green and red. You’ll also need Ziploc bags and a narrow frosting tip.

First, bake or buy any flavor or type of cookies you’d like. Next, unevenly spread the white icing on the cookie, giving an illusion of a snowman in the process of melting. Then, stick a marshmallow on the edge of the cookies, flat side down. This will be the snowman’s head. Then, cut a hole in the corner of a plastic bag, and place the frosting tip inside. Scoop your frosting into the bag so you can squeeze it out of the bag and onto the cookie. This following step is the most creative. With this frosting, draw a face using the black icing for the eyes and mouth, and the orange frosting for the carrot nose. You can get creative with its face and make it smile or frown. Next, use colored frosting to draw a scarf around the snowman’s neck as well as buttons below the scarf. Take the black frosting and draw arms and hands on the base on top of the cookie.