After 19-year-old Baruch College student Chun "Michael" Deng died in a suspected hazing ritual gone wrong in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains, the college has issued a permanent ban on the Pi Delta Psi fraternity, according to NBC news.

As a pledge in the fraternity, Deng had to complete "The Gauntlet" (or the "Glass Ceiling" according to other sources) ritual, which required him to carry a sand-filled backpack while blindfolded. He was repeatedly tackled, and later died due to major brain trauma.

According to the NY Daily News, Baruch College President Mitchel Wallerstein wrote, "Unfortunately, Michael’s faith in his fraternity’s goals and its leadership was betrayed when he was exposed to an illegal and unsanctioned hazing ritual."

When Deng was unresponsive, the participants allegedly waited an hour before taking him to the hospital. Reportedly, one of the fraternity brothers placed a phone call from the hospital to the house, telling others to get rid of all fraternity items so police wouldn't be able to link the death to Pi Delta Psi.

Police believe at least one Pi Delta Psi member tried to cover-up the ritual, but the number of students facing possible charges is unknown.