Sometimes B-grade horror films elicit just as many groans as they do screams of terror, and that’s all part of the fun of the schlocky/scary genre. If you like these types of movies, here are four that won’t disappoint in either regard.

Murder University
Wild Eye Films

Set on a small town college campus in Massachusetts in the 1980’s, the film begins with two coeds using their feminine wiles to lure guys to an abandoned old house where they unceremoniously hack them to death. However, the tables are turned on the girls when someone or something lurking in the home decapitates them. Turns out the home was the site of grisly murders some 20 years prior, and now authorities fear the worst as the bodies start piling up once again. Girls fall down as they’re chased through the woods, geeky freshmen are picked on, and masked secret society members may in fact be a killer cult.

Grade: C

Porn Shoot Massacre
Lost Empire Films

An upstart porn film producer is hiring actresses, and he’s paying way more than anyone else, an offer that seven starlets find irresistible. The first to head to the high-paying gig never makes it; she’s suffocated as she’s about to get into her car and head to the studio. The others, arriving one by one, are hesitant when they meet the producer, a creepy dude wearing a wig and a press-on mustache, but money talks and they soon drop their laundry and get on with the show. And die one by one, each in a different manner. Is the sleazy producer behind the murders, or maybe it’s whoever is leering through the peep hole on the set? Totally tongue-in-cheek and full of female nudity, Porn Shoot Massacre is an amusing send-up of both the porn and cheapo horror genres.

Grade: B

Eyes of the Woods
Fade to Black Films

Somewhere way back in time and after the death of his young daughter, a man curses God and summons up a demon that subsequently enters his body and turns him into a revenge-seeking, child-killing monster. Eventually, the other villagers figure out who the monster is, whack him around pretty good and lock him in a crypt. Flash forward a couple hundred years to a camping trip taken by five college students on break where one of them stumbles across the crypt, inadvertently opening it and setting the murderous monster free, causing several days of bloody mayhem to ensue. There’s a surprise but formulaic ending.

Grade: C

Lost Empire Films

As a project for one of their college classes, a coed and her boyfriend investigate a 15-year-old homicide cold case. The murder took place right on campus, so the pair start their investigation at the college’s library where they turn up a couple leads. The trouble is that the professor of the class doesn’t want them dredging this particular case up and neither does the dean or the town’s police chief, ostensibly because doing so would be hurtful to friends, relatives and townsfolk who knew and loved the victim. Of course there’s more to it than that, and those connected to the original murder start getting killed off, as do the people helping with the investigation that the coed stubbornly refuses to give up. Who will be left breathing by the time the truth comes out?

Grade: C