Untitled Document Sir Mix A Lot ("Baby Got Back") and Sisqo ("Thong Song") have nothing on the Original Booty Burglars. Here’s a band that not only wrote a song about its love for females’ backsides, but created an entire album and even went as far as to name itself after its love for the booty.

It’s hard to tell how this theme will transcend in the long run, but with the Burgline EP, the Original Booty Burglars have created a handful of catchy songs that are rump shaking worthy. "Drink Some Whiskey" and "Dope Ass Body" are ideal party anthem songs, perfect for those all night keggers.

The only difference between the Original Booty Burglars and what’s in the keg is that the Original Booty Burglars will quench your thirst without leaving you with a nasty hangover in the morning.

Grade: B