I discovered Phantogram a few years back after hearing its song “When I’m Small”  from its first studio album, Eyelid Movies. It hit me like a bat out of hell while I was training to swim Alcatraz. Something about the song's adrenaline, delicate yet deadly inner rage fueled a time in my life where I needed to be coaxed into a good beating.

Now, with the release of its second studio album, Voices, I have left my beating in the frigid waters of the San Francisco Bay and am looking to settle for a fresh and savory sacchariferous spanking instead.

With its indie “street beat, Psych Pop” sound, this Upstate New York duo seems to paint a broad palette of energetic beats worthy of blasting. Voices holds up to any expectations as long as your speakers can handle it.

“Howling At the Moon” seduces your shoulders to sway, and “Fall in Love” serenades that sexy little something in your life with proud and willing beats guaranteed to make something drop.

Overall, Phantogram’s Voices manifests a complete audio-induced experience. 

Grade: A

Voices releases Feb. 18, 2014.