Untitled Document Johnny Society has been lauded for being both musical geniuses and babbling idiots in both interviews and album reviews. The New York City trio’s newest release doesn’t reach either tier. The rock that exudes from the album reminisces that of a 1970s roadhouse bar and prom. Maybe the drunk and the high schooler can get together to decipher a few of the lyrics.

Psychedelic touches throughout the album are added by electric guitar solos and high-pitched background voices à la Queen. "Don’t Talk Me Down" and "The Witch’s Plea" lead the album, leaving listeners to think this could be just as brilliant as its albums of the past. But a yawn starts with "Marilene."

Johnny Society has reached a point in its career when an album isn’t considered "forward-thinking." The group, which received the 2002 Independent Music Award for best new band, hasn’t reached a plateau with this release – just a side-step along their journey.

Grade: B-