Untitled Document "Masters of Horror"(the TV series) highlights the best horror writers and directors of the past; Masters of Horror (the soundtrack) is supposed to highlight new and unreleased songs from the hot new "loud rock" bands of the present. It succeeds at that but fails in that the hot new "loud rock" bands just aren’t that good.

Since the songs are taken from 13 different episodes, the sequencing lacks any coherence that might put the tunes in a more interesting context. There are some stand-out cuts from Andrew W.K., Shadows Fall, Murder by Death and Buckethead, but the rest are either live versions of album tracks from up-and-comers like Mastodon or Avenged Sevenfold, or b-sides from generic metal-core/emo-core/screamo bands.

If you like a lot of the featured artists, you might get some spins out of this, but it’s too uneven to be an enjoyable listen all the way through. The packaging is pretty freaky, though.

Grade: C-