When it comes to visiting high schools to recruit students, the University of Southern California (USC) believes it does a good job of visiting many schools.

But according to a survey done by the Los Angeles Times, colleges (not just USC) tend to visit the affluent schools more than the lower-income schools. For example, only eight recruiters from local universities visited Jefferson High School in South Los Angeles this past fall, and 133 recruiters visited Palisades Charter, a more affluent school located on the Westside.

According to Neon Tommy, USC's Dean of Admission Timothy Brunold said, "I believe we send out more recruiters than any school in the country."

Brunold explained, however, visiting lower-income schools that are under-resourced is sometimes a challenge.

"Many times at under-resourced schools, there is no school counselor to reach out to colleges, so some colleges have a problem finding the right person to talk to...A lot of colleges won’t attend a school if they can’t get a hold of anyone," he told Neon Tommy.

Nevertheless, Brunold made it clear USC "works aggressively" to reach as many high schools as possible.

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