The No. 1 priority for college students is saving money, and one of the biggest ordeals for students is buying college textbooks.

This is what ends up happening: students go to their college's on-campus bookstore and freak out over the outrageous textbook prices. The majority of freshman make the mistake and purchase all of their textbooks from their university’s bookstore, spending close to $200 or more on textbooks for just one semester/quarter!

College bookstores might try to lower textbook prices by offering rental agreements to students, and those rental agreements can reduce the price. However, the new rented costs of the textbooks are still hurting students’ wallets.

Aren’t there better options?  
Online websites such as Chegg and Amazon can reduce the cost of college textbook prices substantially compared to the university bookstore.

As a college student as Cal Sate University, Northridge, I go to the campus bookstore to see how much their textbooks are. Let's say I see a textbook renting for $70. I then log on to and and search for the exact same textbook, and the exact same textbook can be rented for $30. This saves me more than 50 percent!
To be able to use Chegg and Amazon to buy/rent/sell textbooks, you have to create an account. Amazon has a special membership for college students called Amazon Student Prime, which allows students to have an Amazon Prime membership for free (the membership will remain free until graduation).

Also, Chegg and Amazon provide free return shipping. Check both online websites for terms and conditions.
Now, wouldn’t it also be awesome to compare online textbook websites by entering the title or ISBN of the textbook? Well, helps students do just that. This website conveniently makes a list of the best options for college students.
The bottom line is this: Using Chegg, Amazon and/or Slugbooks for purchasing textbooks can help you save a lot of money.