Rutgers University students who love Queen Bey can now take a course that focuses on their idol. Yes -- students can take a course on Beyoncé.

The class is called "Politicizing Beyoncé." According to the New York Daily News, student will explore gender, race and sexuality in the U.S. through Beyoncé's music.

Kevin Allred, a doctoral student and lecturer in Rutgers’ Department of Women’s and Gender Studies, teaches "Politicizing Beyoncé." According to Rutgers, his students study Beyoncé's music videos and lyrics while learning about readings from the Black feminist canon.

Allred told Rugers, “It’s important to shift students away from simply being consumers of media toward thinking more critically about what they’re engaging on a regular basis...When students don’t respond to theory or dense readings, it’s often easier to see things play out in the world around them.”