Untitled Document Ever since American Beauty laid down the gauntlet six years ago, filmmakers from all around have been digging for treasure in the endless caves of suburban angst entertainment. Occasionally, they strike gold. More often, though, they make movies like The Chumscrubber, which attempts to juggle so many ideas that eventually it drops them all and leaves an unfocused, unfulfilling mess at its feet.

The list of players (Glenn Close, Ralph Fiennes, Carrie-Anne Moss, Lauren Holly and more) is impressive, and Jamie Bell (you may remember him as Billy Elliot) hangs capably as the arguable protagonist. Had Bell or any number of the film’s other actors not been forced to share their screen time with so many other people, The Chumscrubber might have had time to strike a nerve somewhere.

Instead, we get several movies crammed into one, none anywhere near deep enough to live up to any respective or collective potential.

Extras: Filmmaker commentary, making-of feature, deleted/extended scenes.

DVD Grade: C-