Most college students nowadays want to get a job or internship but don’t know how to dress for success during the interviewing process. Well, here are some of my most helpful style tips to making a good first impression:

Young men should dress business causal. This can include a nice buttoned-up shirt, simple pair of slacks or dress pants and nice business shoes, not sneakers. Wear a blazer or sports coat to finish off the look, but a button-up and a tie will do just fine. If you have a piercing and/or tattoos, those should either be removed or covered up.

Young women should dress business causal as well. This can include a simple dress with a blazer or a nice pair of dress pants with an appropriate top and a blazer. It’s important to not wear excess jewelry. When it comes to wearing a necklace, a very simple pendent or charm is acceptable -- nothing too flashy or distracting. As for shoes, flats, wedges or heels do the trick. Regardless of gender, open-toed shoes should not be worn for an interview.

Also, always show up 15-20 minutes early. When it comes to interviews of any capacity, just be yourself and relax. An interview is just another word for a conversation. Do not think of an interview as an interrogation; just be yourself and don’t forget to breathe.

Good luck!