Untitled Document An accidental switcheroo in the church movie theater gives five single (and sexually frustrated) Irish guys a taste of American women (specifically, Bo Derek in 10), and they decide the best plan of action is to place an ad in a Miami newspaper in hopes of beckoning pretty single girls across the ocean. A foolproof plan, for certain – and one that’s left the local (and equally frustrated) women rather displeased.

American Women is a harmless and charming comedy in the The Full Monty vein – it comes courtesy of some of the same people, in fact – and it manages, despite a heavy arsenal predictably, to hang onto its charm all the way though. Credit the cast – particularly Ian Hart as Kieran and Cathleen Bradley as Siobhan – for taking what initially appears to be nothing more than a bunch of random kooks and giving them fates worth caring about by film’s end.

Women won’t floor you, but it might leave you very pleasantly surprised. No Extras.

DVD Grade: B+